1923 Peace Silver Dollar Coin Value

1923 Peace Silver Dollar Coin headIf you are looking for the best value and lowest prices for 1923 Peace silver dollar coins, we have posted several listings for these silver coins from online dealers. These American collectible coins were minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. You can identify their mint by looking on the tail side the coin. The Peace silver coins minted in Denver has a "D" mark whereas the ones minted in San Francisco mint has an "S" mark.  The coins struck in Philadelphia do not have a mint mark on the tail.

Our sale listings update in real time and change daily so come back to see what new coin offers are available for sale.

1923 S Peace Dollar 90 Silver Great Coin Very Nice
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 13:22:46 PST

1923 D Peace Silver Dollar 100 Face 90 Silver Bullion 992
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 13:30:34 PST

1922 P Peace Dollar Uncirculated US Mint Coin PQ Gem Silver Coin BU Unc MS++++++
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 13:49:20 PST

1923 P Peace Silver Dollar estate sale
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 14:34:08 PST

1923s Peace Dollar NGC MS62
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 14:38:29 PST

1923 PCGS MS63 2 SIDED COLOR TONE Peace Silver Dollar MUST SEE Wow Color LOOK
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 14:38:39 PST

1923 D 1 Peace Dollar
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 14:42:52 PST

Silver Peace Dollar 1923 Nice Coin 900 silver
$14.85 (7 Bids)
Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 14:44:25 PST

Ends Tuesday Dec-11-2018 14:44:37 PST

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1923 Peace Silver Dollar Coin tailIn 1923, a large quantity of these silver dollar coins were struck. About 30,800,000 were Philadelphia Mint, 6,811,000 were Denver Mint, and 19,020,000 were San Francisco Mint. You can purchase either circulated or uncirculated silver dollars, which make a better investment since they are valued more.

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