1922 Peace Silver Dollar Coin Value

If you are searching for 1922 Peace silver dollar coins to collect, we have listed several bargains from online sellers for you to browse through. After the minting of the 1922 proof coins, the Peace silver dollar coins updated its design which stayed consistent until 1928. The relief was greatly reduced and the field was flatter than the original mints. Changes in the design detail included thinner lettering and numbering. Also, three additional short sun rays at the front of the head and a second line was added to the headband. In 1922, a large number of these coins were minted. About 51,737,000 were Philadelphia Mint, 15,063,000 were Denver Mint, and 17,475,000 were San Francisco Mint. Coins can by identified by their mint by looking on the tail side of the coin were you can find either the letter "D" for Denver or "S" for San Francisco under the word "one." You can search for rare collectibles such as the 1922 Proof mints or special lot deals at bargain prices. Our sale listings update in real time and change daily so come back to see what new coin offers are available for sale.

Leather LEE WAY SOONER SERVICE Pouch w Original 1922 S Peace Dollar RARE
Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:14:20 PDT

1922 Peace Silver Dollar Amazing Die Break Obverse bb2711
Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:16:46 PDT

1922 Peace Silver Dollar AU UNC
Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:24:21 PDT

1922 1 US Peace Silver Dollar Coin PCGS MS 64 MS64 A8975
Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:25:37 PDT

Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:26:08 PDT

1922 NGC BINION 1660 Uncirculated Type Set Peace Dollar 049DUD
Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:27:22 PDT

Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:32:28 PDT

1922 Peace Silver Dollar ANACS MS 63 Vam 1I R 6
Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:34:31 PDT

Peace Silver Dollar 1922 S
Ends Thursday Jul-18-2019 11:38:13 PDT

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