1926 Peace Silver Dollar Coin Value

Find the best bargains on mint 1926 Peace silver dollar coins available for sale online. These rare collectible American coins were minted in Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco. You can distinguish these different mints by looking at the backside of the coin, under the word "one." The San Francisco mint of the Peace silver dollar has an "S" mark while the Denver mint has a "D" mark. Philadelphia mints are unmarked. In 1926, approximately 2,348,700 were Denver mint, 1,939,000 were Philadelphia mint, and 6,980,000 were San Francisco mint.

Despite the large numbers in production, only a rare amount of 1926 Peace silver dollar coins survived over time. If you like to add one of these valuable US coins into your collection, you can shop here by reviewing the sale offers below from the following online sellers, many of whom offer discount bargains or special lot deals. Make sure to read the details for more information and photographs. These sales listings update in real time so you can find new coin bargains that are newly listed daily.

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