1927 Peace Silver Dollar Coins

1927 peace silver dollarIf you are bargain hunting for mint 1927 Peace silver dollars, this is the place to shop for these rare American coins. These valuable collectible USA coins are available in Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco mints. The Peace silver dollar Philadelphia mints are unmarked but for the San Francisco and Denver mints, you can look on the tail side of these silver coins and see what mark is under “one.” The San Francisco mint has an “S” mark and the Denver one has a “D” mark. In 1927, approximately 1,268,900 were minted in Denver, 848,000 were minted in Philadelphia, and 866,000 were minted in San Francisco.

Even though almost 3 million of these silver coins were produced in 1927, over time these coins have disappeared in numbers due to the shortage of silver in the United States which led to many Peace silver dollar coins being melted. However, collectors were able to save them for their collections and everyday people are finding these hidden treasures in old family properties. Currently, you can buy these online and have the opportunity of collecting these coins. Review the following sale listings (which update 24-7) from online sellers, many of whom offer discount bargains on quantity orders. Remember to read the details of these sale offers for more information and photographs.