1924 Peace Silver Dollar Coin Value

1924 peace silver dollar coinIf you are a coin collector looking for the best prices on 1924 Peace silver dollar coins, we have listed several sale ads for these valuable collectibles from online sellers.  These US silver coins are recognized for the lady liberty head on the front side and the eagle perched on a rock on the back side.  About 90% of these Peace dollar silver coins from 1924 were minted from Philadelphia, with the remainder struck in San Francisco.  1924 S peace dollar mint markOnly the silver coins struck in San Francisco have a mint mark “S” on the tail side under the word “ONE.”  The 1924 peace silver dollar value depends on the quality, mint, and circulation, starting at a minimum value of $21.  The uncirculated 1924-S in brilliant condition are desirable by coin collectors and they can be valued at several hundred dollars. Now you have the opportunity to purchase your own Peace Dollar coin for your collection at a very good price. Check out these sale bargains below from online dealers.